In the many years of model railway building, certain wishes have been left unfulfilled. "EICHHORN Modellbau" aims to make up these shortfulls in reproducing and offering the sundry items so necessary to making your model railway come to life.

We deal first and foremost in providing embellishments and accessories, however we also have our own models in the design and development stages, some of which have already been produced.

Since I myself are the proud owner of a Model railway scale "N", most of our products are built to scale 1:160. In the future scales HO, TT and Z will be incorporated into our product range.

I am always open to any suggestions and comments you may have so please don´t hesitate to contact me.

Eichhorn Modellbau is a very small firm. Every product is hand made by craftsmen working in a second occupation. We would request you to bear this in mind with special consideration as to delivery times and availablitiy of individual items.

In the future we will keep you regularly updated on this website as to any news and information concerning our products

Yours very sincerly

Wutz Eichhorn


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